Who We Are

Wav Lab is a Scottish company specialising in developing quality multimedia content, including video localization, voice-over recording in foreign languages, sound design and post production. 

Wav Lab has worked with companies of varying sizes, needs and locales. Everything from multinationals such as Microsoft, Yahoo and PayPal, to European-based companies like Swisscom, and to local charities, universities and colleges here in Scotland. 

Using experience, creativity and technical skill, Wav Lab will help you produce the right kind of content for your target audience in Scotland, the UK or anywhere else around the world. To guarantee delivery of your objectives and deadlines, the work is developed through clear, close discussion with you, and is informed throughout by the cultural sensitivity required for your audience.


We do Everything from localization to media production

Advertising agencies

TV commercial voice over.
Radio commercial voice over.
Multimedia dubbing & subtitling.
Commercial music production.
Radio jingle production.
Web media voice over & subtitling.
Multilingual dubbing & subtitling.

Music industry

Music recording studio.
Mixing & mastering.
Music video production.
Sound editing.
Multilingual song localization.

Health care

Product visualization voice over.
Multilingual dubbing & subtitling.

Film studios

Film audio & foley effects.
Film music recording & production.
Foreign language voice over.
Multilingual film dubbing & subtitling.

Gaming industry

Audio localization services.
Multilingual voice over & captions.
Video game audio & game music.


Corporate video voice over.
Multilingual training video dubbing.
Video tutorial voice over & subtitles.

Translation agencies

Multimedia localization services.
Multilingual voice over & subtitling.

Software companies

Interactive video tutorial voice over.
Integrated multimedia subtitling.
Multilingual dubbing & subtitling.

Real estate

Interactive home video dubbing.
TV & radio commercial voice over.
Multimedia presentation voice over.
Interactive multimedia localization.
Multilingual dubbing & captioning.
Foreign language subtitling.


Scenic video dubbing.
TV & radio commercial voice over.


Mobile content localization