Voice overs are an essential part of localisation in a global economy. Businesses increasingly need to communicate in foreign languages, whether in sales, export or delivering customer support. Companies varying from marketing agencies to tourism bodies as TV and other media can each benefit from the voice over services delivered by Wav Lab. 

At Wav Lab we produce great voice over talent at an affordable price. Whether you need a knowledgeable voice for a serious documentary, an upbeat enthusiastic voice for a TV advert or a specific accent for a video, we have the right talent for your project. We have a bank of 350 voice over artists who are native speakers in more than 50 languages, including English, Scottish and Gaelic.

We understand and discuss clients’ needs for specific projects, ensuring a high quality and suitable voice over choice, as well as providing music and sounds effects as required.  We can offer attractive discounts for clients looking to work with Wav Lab on a project with multiple languages  or a group of voice over projects.