Jim was born and brought up on the family farm and spent most of his life in the industry. In the early days he became involved in amateur dramatics and during that time took part in youth musical events including compering a light entertainment production which represented Scotland at an International Arts Festival. Following on from that he developed a reputation as an after dinner speaker and entertainer. The ensuing years would see him travelling to different parts of the UK from remote village halls to venues in the bright lights of the city. Large or small, each audience would provide a different opportunity which would shape his timing and delivery of the scripts. As time has passed his interest in presentational skills is as strong as ever. Having lived on a farm with very close proximity to the city, his love of the theatre was never far away. It gave him the ideal opportunity to observe the style and techniques of a range of top artists in variety shows from the time of the famous ‘Five Past Eight’ shows at the Alhambra Theatre onwards. In addition to his other activities, he became involved in the hospitality scene in Glasgow and is still active in restaurant management. Though a farmer at heart he has now chosen to move to pastures new and offer his vocal abilities to the ‘field’ of voice over.