Tony Collins Fogarty is a British Male Voiceover Artist and Actor.


His voice is warm, confident, friendly, trustworthy and conversational.  He can give a sense of authority, or fun, depending on your requirements. 

Tony was born, and lives in Leeds, Yorkshire, in the north of England.  Although now fairly neutral in accent, there is a hint of Yorkshire there.

He has fallen in love with France, visiting 5 times in 2-3 years. He is currently learning French, and watching a lot of French telly!  If you need French in an English accent, he could be the one.

Tony’s voice has been used by many international brands, including Timberland, Amazon, Yahoo, ING Bank, Axa, Mini, Tesco, HP and Pitney Bowes.  He has worked with clients in Europe, the United States, India and China. Since June 2017, He has been the voice of TripAdvisor’s TV commercials in the UK, USA and Canada.