Cantonese Voiceover

At Wav Lab we produce great Cantonese voice over talent at an affordable price. We offer a free casting service to help you discover the perfect Cantonese voice-over artist(s) for your project. All our Cantonese voice talents are native speakers.

Whether you need a knowledgeable Cantonese voice for a serious documentary, an upbeat enthusiastic voice for a TV advert or a specific accent for a video, we have the right talent for your project.

Through discussion with you, we understand your project, thus ensuring a high quality and suitable voice over choice. Wav Lab can also provide audio transcription, voice-over script translation and adaption, linguistic direction, post production and mastering services, as well as providing music and sounds effects as required. 

Wav Lab can offer competitive prices on your Cantonese projects as well as discounts for projects with multiple languages or a group of voice over projects.